cinematic Create a captivating 3D animation that seamlessly blends the atmospheric beauty of Wong Kar Wai's cinematography with the cyberpunk essence of Ghost in the Shell. Transport the audience to a futuristic and dark Hong Kong, where neon lights reflect on rain-soaked streets and the cityscape is dominated by towering skyscrapers.Experiment with innovative camera angles, dynamic lighting, and composition to create visually stunning scenes. Emphasize the juxtaposition of stillness and motion to enhance the contemplative mood.Highlight iconic Hong Kong locations, such as narrow alleyways, bustling markets, and towering skyscrapers, blending the old and new. Pay attention to environmental details, including rain-soaked streets, reflections on wet surfaces, and the ever-present glow of neon signs.Craft a mysterious and contemplative narrative, with elements of existentialism and introspection. Incorporate the cyberpunk themes from Ghost in the Shell, delving into the relationship between humanity and technology in a densely populated city.

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